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Your city in the pocket

Connected Cities

Kitewalk introduces the solution inter-connecting all the components of your city and allowing intuitive multi-directional communication between citizens, merchants and public administration. Thanks to the integration with the city back-office through Kitewalk GEO Web Services, intelligent management becomes intuitive and natural, citizen participation becomes instantaneous, incident reporting becomes immediate.

Real time, Real place

Kitewalk is the ideal answer for how cities can communicate simply and effectively with citizens and tourists alike. Exhibitions, concerts, events, commercial showcase: Kitewalk apps are the perfect audio-guides to help everyone discover - in real time, real place - all their city has to offer them.

Adaptable Solutions

Kitewalk adapts to all city sizes through 4 mobile solution packs depending on the city management needs: LIGHT, STANDARD, PREMIUM y DELUXE.

    • News Screen
    • City Screens
    • Notifications Screen
    • Smart-City Categories
    • News Tracking & Notifications
    • PUSH Notifications
    • Monthly Statistics
    • Smart Cities LIGHT
    • Events Screen
    • Site Screens
    • Events' Tracking and Notifications
    • Sites' Tracking and Notifications
    • Smart Cities STANDARD
    • Messages Screen
    • Instant Messaging - public and private chats
    • Smart Cities PREMIUM
    • Incident Reporting
    • Real-Time Stats
    • GEO PUSH Notifications
    • Urban Integration (transportation, parking, etc.)
    • Augmented Reality

Mobile App and Associated Services Proposal

Thanks to our innovative technology, information is no longer sought: it discovers you. At the right time, in the right place. Trust the best professionals in the sector and enjoy our up-to-date maintenance services which will keep your Smart City ecosystem always available. An ecosystem where users will enjoy and choose the features that best fit their tastes and needs.

App Features

  • Ability to display real-time geo-coded contents, sorted geographically with respect to the place where the user navigates from
  • Ability to display sites sorted geographically with respect to the place where the user navigates from
  • Ability to set the navigation base in a different location to the current one
  • Ability to display contents in list views, map views, AR views
  • Ability to search contents by 'keywords'
  • Ability to filter contents by specific categories
  • Contents change when I change ... and they follow me!
  • Tracking and notifications for all contents, places and news
  • Every content can be shared. Users can invite one another to learn about particular contents. Users can share events on their social networks
  • Every content has a chat forum associated to it, allowing users to exchange questions, answers and comments
  • Every content has a directions map associated which guides users from their positions to the content location
  • Multimedia contents: texts, photos, videos, PDFs
  • App name, icon, colors, logos, screens
  • Customized 'Home' Screen, flyout
  • 'News' Screen, 'Events' Screen
  • 'About Us' Screen, 'Gallery' Screen
  • 'Brands' Screen, 'Sites' Screen
  • 'Contact' Screen, 'Messages' Screen
  • Geo-enabled notification service, Statistics
  • Urban integration screens

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